The Said So (2010-2016) was an American Alternative Rock band from Canton, Ohio


The band was founded by Dan Swayze and Rickey Mendell in 2010 who worked together and decided to start up a band.  Bill Locke was added as the first drummer and played the 3rd show.  Tom Amatangelo was added as the bass player a month later.  Brad Belcher was the first lead guitar and was replaced by Rob Allman after the release of Too Punk For Practice.  Jonathan Burleson replaced Dan, Mitch Alexander replaced Johnathan, Tim Benner replaced Mitch, Rickey Mendell left the band as the lead singer with Rob and Tom taking over the majority of the lead vocals with Bill singing a couple songs. Dan came back in for a while being replaced by Chris Tuttle.  Tom left the band in 2015 and was replaced by James Couts.  The Said So was formally disbanded in 2016. 



  •  Too Punk for Practice (Oct 2010)
  •  Leggo Your Ego (December 2012)
  •  Clean Shaven (2013)
  •  Charcoal (2016)

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