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Sterling Hankins (b. 1990) also known as Spider Monkey is an American singer, song writer, and guitarist from Akron, Ohio.


"My stage name (and nickname before) has been Spider Monkey for years. After having moved to Europe (somewhat accidentally) in 2011 to tour with Simeon Soul Charger it became my full time name on and off the stage, everyone just called me "Spider". Upon Simeon disbanding in 2016 I was at a bit of a loss musically and decided against doing a new group project and rather to focus on the self therapy of a solo record, the question was, what to call it. Spider Monkey didn't lend itself very well to a solo project due to it literally just being an obscure animal name (and a relatively unimportant character from a Crow movie) and I just couldn't see anyone ever even being able to find me in a google search due to pages of zoological reports. I knew Spider would stay, because it's how everyone knows me (even my wife and in-laws) and soon after "the Akronaut" was born."

-Sterling Hankins -

"The notable projects since beginning to play out in 2005 have been Monkey Day Parade (2007-present) which technically spun out of a few short lived projects with other members in addition to Rick and I. First "Strawberry Jam" in summer 2005 playing primarily covers with Cindy Robertson on flute and John Smith on drums and vocals, which quickly morphed into "Celestine Dream" with Scott Aspinall on drums (exit Cindy Robertson and John Smith) throughout the bulk of 2006 playing 50/50 originals and covers. Celestine Dream consisted of the live Monkey Day Parade lineup but with Rick on guitar and myself on bass. We decided we wanted to play only originals, traded instruments (Rick literally playing bass upside down, being left handed) and we reworked the catalog in all originals and changed the name to "Monkey Day Parade" premiering on Halloween 2008. In short - that's the Monkey Day Parade timeline.

Then I also played drums with the Street Punk/80s Hardcore band "General Riot" from 2005-2011 until I moved to Europe (with occasional surprise appearances since then)

Otherwise my only "claim to fame" really is my stint with Simeon Soul Charger playing bass from 2010-2016"

- Sterling Hankins -


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