Phuquz was an American psychedelic techno syntho-pop band from Akron, Ohio.


Phuquz was the first musical project by Paul Rogers and Jacob (Jay) Painter started in 2007. It was decided that this was their Phuq-off project and that they would be starting RunnuR as soon as they finished with this project. As a result, Phuquz stayed together for 30 minutes to record their only EP, "Meet Phuquz"

Paul and Jay each picked 4 songs and the music was reproduced on a bottom line Yamaha keyboard with auto rhythm. They let the auto rhythm rephrase their songs into unique styles that they might not choose under normal circomstances. The most notable songs on the album were Alive (Painter) a disco version that had 15 different vocal tracks, mostly all done by Jacob Painter, and Undoubtably do (Rogers) with its Beatlesque chorus and the addition of saxaphone.

Paul and Jay referred to this project as an anti band because they were not able to reproduce this music live and had no desire to carry on in this fashion. Nevertheless, Phuquz remained on the Reverbnation music charts for over 3 months and received several offers to play shows. 



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