Easter Monkeys was an American band from Cleveland, Ohio formed in 1981


It’s generally accepted amongst the Cleveland cognoscenti that Easter Monkeys were the best rock ‘n’ roll band calling the city home in the early to mid 1980’s. Rock ‘n’ roll in the sense of the Ghoulardi-inspired hybrid that Cleveland is known for. The band was fronted by ex-Kneecappers Chris Yarmock, bassist Charlie Ditteaux, with Jim Jones (Pere Ubu, Home and Garden, Mirrors) amazingly creepy guitar work and Linda Hudson’s basement beat. This release collects up the band’s lone LP, comp tracks, unreleased stuff and a DVD of a 1982 gig.

'We just decided to make some noise with no real idea of what we were doing. We certainly didn’t think it would turn into a band, and we were really surprised when people kept coming to see us!' -Jim Jones Your Flesh magazine, 1992.



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