Death of Samantha (1983-1990, 2012-????) is an underground post-punk band from Cleveland, Ohio. Founded in 1983, the quartet made its infamous debut at a Ground Round family restaurant in Parma Heights, Ohio, a show that became part of rock legend and set the tenor for the band's live stage show. Death of Samantha played a farewell show on December 15, 1990, but later reformed on December 23, 2012 with its original four-piece lineup: vocalist/guitarist John Petkovic, lead guitarist Doug Gillard, bassist David James and drummer Steven "Steve-O" Eierdam.


Death of Samantha is associated with the ascendant indie rock movement of the mid-1980s, but quickly came to embody a DIY aesthetic rather than a specific sound. The group's eclecticism was more pronounced than most in the American independent scene due to its motley crew of members, each with seemingly irreconcilable musical and artistic influences. The band was signed by Gerard Cosloy to the New York-based Homestead Records, home at the time to acts such as Sonic Youth, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds and Dinosaur Jr. The band performed with contemporaries such as Sonic Youth, along with Nirvana, Jesus and Mary Chain, the Replacements, Smashing Pumpkins, the Gun Club, Leaving Trains and Redd Kross. Death of Samantha released three albums and an EP on Homestead from 1986 to 1990. Prior to signing, they released two critically acclaimed singles on local Ohio label St. Valentine Records.



Studio albums

  • Strungout on Jargon (1986, Homestead)
  • Where the Women Wear the Glory and the Men Wear the Pants (1988, Homestead)
  • Come All Ye Faithless (1989, Homestead)
  • If Memory Serves Us Well (2013, St. Valentine)


  • Laughing in the Face of a Dead Man (1986, Homestead)


  • "Amphetamine"/"Simple as That" (1985, St. Valentine)
  • "Coca Cola and Licorice" (aka Porn in the USA) (1986, St. Valentine)
  • "Rosenberg Summer" (1989, Homestead)

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